Our Vision & Values

Our vision


Our vision is that our pupils will leave school prepared, knowledgeable, confident and motivated for life’s journey.


At The Globe Primary Academy, we strive hard to achieve our vision by combining high moral and social values with good basic skills in English language, maths, sciences and the arts.  We value the fact that education comes about through partnerships with our parents, pupils and the wider community.




Our values


In order to help achieve our vision and to guide all members of our school community to work together we have four school values.  We use the values help to guide us in all that we do.  


Our values are represented by mosaics in the Large Hall and are reinforced throughout the school in lessons and in assemblies and are:







We have chosen these values as we think that they help to deepen children's positive values and in doing so, help them consider the implications of their choices in relation to themselves, the communities of which they are a part and the wider world.  We hope that they will also ensure that they aspire to be the very best that they can be, developing resilience and the ability to persevere even when the going gets a bit tougher.


We know how vital working in partnership with parents and carers really is, in order for children to find school a positive and rewarding experience. We strongly believe achievement and enjoyment go hand in hand to ensure each child’s excellent progress. We hope you will support our high expectations in all areas, especially in behaviour and achievement whether academic, sporting or in the arts.


We look forward to welcoming you to our school.