Special Educational Needs and Disabilities


Special Educational Needs

The Globe Primary Academy is an inclusive setting, where all children are welcomed and opportunities for success are shared and celebrated. We work as a team with parents and carers to endeavour to make available inclusive provision for all our pupils so that they can access the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and National Curriculum at an appropriate level, benefit from a broad and balanced curriculum and achieve their full potential. 


A child may require extra support as a result of emotional or behavioural problems, a physical disability, medical or health problems, difficulties with speech and language, a sensory impairment, general difficulties with school work or low self esteem.

We aim to identify children with special educational needs as early as possible so they can be actively involved in their work and experience success. Once identified, we will put in place the support the child needs to develop. This will include a range of school-based approaches and engaging with a variety of external agencies as necessary.


We believe it is essential to involve the children, parents/carers and staff together to create a package of support for the individual child and will develop close working relationship with the parent and child.


If you have any concerns or comments regarding your child, please first contact your child’s teacher.



Special Educational Needs (SEN) Information Report


As part of the 2014 Special Educational Needs Code of Practice, there is a requirement that all settings involved with children and special educational needs have a ‘SEN Information Report’.


The SEN Information Report details all of the support that can be provided to children with special educational needs or disabilities. It also answers the 14 questions created by parents across West Sussex and surrounding counties and meets the expectations of the ‘Local Offer’ as listed in the 2014 SEND Code of Practice.


Below is a link to a pdf of our current SEN Information Report:


SEN Information Report


This is our current SEN Information Report providing information on our school to you and your family, and is accurate as at 01.09.16.  Schools are fluid organisations where personnel and resources that we can access change, but we hope this gives you an idea of our philosophy and our aims to try and meet the needs of all children with special educational needs or a disability.  We have developed this Local Offer with parents in mind, and would be pleased to receive feedback via our email as to its clarity and usefulness. 




Other Useful Links:




West Sussex County Council for access to all of their services.





West Sussex’s access point to the Local Offer of all establishments.





SEND Information Advice and Support is the new name for Parent Partnership. This is a support service for parents who have a child with a special educational need or disability.





West Sussex Parent/Carer Forum is a group forum that has been set up by parents of children with special educational needs or disabilities. The aim of this group is to provide support to parents and carers from people who have had similar experiences.





A central portal run by NASEN signposting resources and services from a range of voluntary and community sector organisations: a ‘one stop’ portal for information.





Adur Hive Hub - a Special Educational Need and Disability support network for school and settings, to enable children and young people 0-25 to have successful mainstream education provision.  This is a local point for accessing support and services.