Pupil Premium Grant


In April 2011 the Government introduced the Pupil Premium Grant. The Pupil Premium Grant provides additional funding for pupils who are eligible for free school meals (FSM) or for those in long-term care.



At The Globe Primary Academy, approximately 20% of pupils are entitled to Free School Meals.  The school has used its Pupil Premium funding to run programmes that target all pupils who are disadvantaged or underachieving, as well as those specifically eligible for Free School Meals.  The funding has been targeted at a number of levels with are detailed in the report and includes:

• to provide additional support for children in English and Mathematics

• to prepare pupils to be emotionally receptive for learning


As part of our team, the school is proud to have an Inclusion Support Teacher and whenever possible additional teaching assistants who provide additional academic support for our children. Furthermore, our team of Learning Mentors works effectively to develop self-confidence, life skills and social skills for our vulnerable children.


The effectiveness of all these interventions is measured through assessments of individual pupils and careful tracking of the progress of all pupils in English and Maths.  Evaluations will focus on academic gains and how pupils’ emotional resilience has developed as a consequence of these interventions.


For information on how we propose to spend the funding for 2020/21 click this link

Review of Pupil Premium Expenditure 2019-20

Further information


You can find out more about the Pupil Premium Grant on the Department for Education website.  Click the link below to see their website.


Department for Education Website