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At The Globe Primary Academy we take the issue of internet safety seriously and on these pages you will find information that will support you as parents and carers.


The internet is a fantastic resource, but it can also bring risk.  We work with our pupils in school to help them understand the dangers and learn how to keep themselves safe


All parents and carers are asked to sign an acceptable user agreement when their pupils start school with us. This includes details of an agreement on how they will use the internet in school.


The CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) logo pictured here is on a lot of social networking sites.  It is the Advice, Help and Report button.  Clicking on it will take you to their website where you can easily follow links for help if you are a parent or child.  It is excellent so please try it!



Highly recommended is the THINKUKNOW website.  Click the image to go to the website and get the latest safety information.  This is an education initiative by CEOP - the UK's national law enforcement agency that focuses on tackling the sexual abuse of children.


NSPCC Share Aware Campaign

Launched in January 2015  this campaign aims to raise the awareness of how to help your child to stay safe on social networks, apps and games.  They also have a useful guide to the social networks young people are using on their Net Aware website: www.net-aware.org.uk





Visit Google's Safety Centre to learn how to chnage Google's serach settings to Safe Search filtering. This setting is designed to screen sites with explicit sexual text and mages that you don't want your child to stumble across when browsing the internet


What are the dangers and risks to my child on the internet?

Information in the table below is taken from 'Safer Children in a Digital World' - a report by Dr Tanya Byron (2008)






Where can I get further information?

Please speak to your child's class teacher or make an appointment to speak to one of the senior leaders if you are concerned about your child's safety on the the internet.  You can also click the following links for more information.

E-safety information

E-safety tips for parents of pre-school children (from internetsafety.org)

E-safety tips for parents of primary aged children (from internet safety.org)

Safer Internet Day Conversation Starters

Safer Internet Day Factsheet

Safer Internet Day Presentation to Parents/Carers

Keeping Children Safe on internet and mobiles


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There are a range of films of SID TV (Safer Internet Day TV).

Click this link to view them.


We always recommend that you view these first before sharing them with your children.