House Points

House points were introduced at The Globe Primary Academy in October 2016.  Points can be earned by all pupils and help to show that an individual effort can also support a collective effort.  We believe that House Teams offer a valuable opportunity to develop a sense of belonging to a group within our school and we know our pupils like collecting House Points.


How do children collect Home Points?

House Points are collected for good work, good manners, helping others, working hard on homework or for anything else staff feel needs rewarding.  The points are added up and contribute to the House Team's overall total.


House Teams

Each House Team has its own colour and, as we are The Globe, these have been named after explorers.  We always ensure that brothers and sisters are in the same House Team.  Children wear a coloured House t-shirt in PE lessons and for Sports Day.

Colour & Explorer       What they are known for

Ernest Shackleton         He led 3 British expeditions to the Antarctic.

Junko Tabei                   In 1975, she was the first woman to reach the top of Mount Everest.

Robert Scott                  He led 2 expeditions to the Antarctic.

Marco Polo                    He was the first European to write about his travels to China.



House Captains

Each House has a Captain and Vice Captain chosen from pupils in Year 2 and Year 6 as they are the oldest children in each part of the school.  The elections form part of our work on British Values and children learning about democracy.


Winning team reward

Each week, the House Captains are repsonsible for collecting the House Points received by pupils in school.  At the end of each term the winning team will be announced and the House Captains can have the honour of attaching the their House's colour ribbon to the House Cups.  The team with the highest points total also get to come to school wearing their team's colour.


More information

Please see the Letters Home page for copies of letters sent home regarding House Points