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At The Globe Primary Academy we are proud of our creative curriculum, which draws together many of the aspects of other areas into a series of exciting topics.  


Our topics are designed to raise achievement and aspiration and encourage creativity.  As the children progress through the topics they are able to build on and develop a diverse and important range of skills.

We believe that immersing the pupils in their learning is the best way to truly engage and inspire them and encourage them to take ownership of their learning.             


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Yearly Topic Overview - Whole School

Click on the link below to see the whole school overview for topics studied.


2018-19 Whole school Topic Overview, Reception to Year 6

Curriculum Programme of Study

Curriculum overview showing the subjects to be studied in each year group from Reception to Year 6 

can be found below. Click on the year group below to see the programme of study.


Reception      Year 1      Year 2      Year 3    Year 4    Year 5   Year 6

Termly Topic Overviews by year group

Termly (and sometimes half termly) topic overviews for the topic being studied can be found below.  Click on the links to download a copy.


   Reception          Year 1          Year 2            Year 3           Year 4            Year 5             Year 6

    Autumn 1          Autumn 1      Autumn 1       Autumn 1       Autumn 1        Autumn 1        Autumn 1


    Autumn 2          Autumn 2      Autumn 2       Autumn 2       Autumn 2        Autumn 2        Autumn 2

   Spring 1&2        Spring 1        Spring 1         Spring 1         Spring 1          Spring 1&2      Spring 1&2

                             Spring 2        Spring 2         Spring 2         Spring 2

   Summer 1&2     Summer 1     Summer 1      Summer 1     Summer 1&2  Summer 1&2   Summer 1&2

Further information

Further information on the Early Years Curriculum taught in Reception can be found at

Further information of the National Curriculum taught in Years 1 to 6 can be found at

Our vision, that our pupils will leave school prepared, knowledgeable, confident and motivated for life’s journey, is central to guiding and forming the curriculum for our pupils.


We do this by providing:

  • a broad and balanced education, covering the National Curriculum, as well as current issues such as health, safety (including e-safety), person and social development and an understanding of their place in their local community

  • the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in a variety of ways, building upon a solid foundation for future learning

  • an school that encourages children to develop self-confidence and aspire to be their best regardless of their race, gender, social background or abilities

  • positive learning experiences including taking on responsibilities, team working, visitors, educational and residential visits and Forest Schools