Admissions for September 2016

Admissions Consultation for 2018/19


For September 2018 onwards, REAch2 Trustees would like consistent arrangements to operate across all our existing schools.  We are therefore consulting on a Trust-wide policy on admissions for school year 2018/19.  The following consultation document sets out our proposed approach for all our schools: REAch2 2018 admissions consultation.pdf (124KB PDF).  

Our consultation will close on 31 January 2017.  You can respond in three ways:

  • On-line via

  • by writing to:REAch2 admissions consultation – FAO Anna Thompson
    [state name of academy/ies your response relates to, if relevant]

    C/o Scientia Academy, Mona Road, Burton Upon Trent, DE13 0UF

  • or by emailing (please put ‘2018 admissions’ in your subject title).

Further information can be found at at